Helping business expand the scope for profitable climate investing

What is the Transition Accelerator?

To expand the scope for profitable climate investing, unleash a $30 trillion investment opportunity and speed our economy's transition to net zero by 2050, business must partner with civil society to change the rules of the game.

The carbon-fuelled economy is built on thousands of laws, regulations and practices. These are the rules of the game that constrain profitable climate investing. They need to change to create the zero-carbon economy.

The Transition Accelerator builds partnerships between business, investors and not-for-profit organisations.

It works with companies and investors to identify policy and economic barriers limiting the viability of their business models and investments.

It works with civil society groups to develop campaigns – Transition Projects - that will help to remove these barriers.

It then procures funding for these Transition Projects, each of which will be supported by both business and civil society and each of which will address an identified roadblock to green investing.

Transition Projects will push for government and philanthropic support for emerging low-carbon technologies and the removal of subsidies for fossil fuels.

The Transition Accelerator will help civil society and business to make the most of each other’s skills and resources to change the rules of the game and create a level playing field for a net zero economy.

Why do we exist?

Businesses that want to invest in the climate transition confront too many roadblocks. Climate NGO’s need to ramp up their advocacy and lobbying.

The Transition Accelerator exists to reduce the cost of pulling these two groups together and harnessing their respective skills and resources.

It complements the important work of existing industry and civil society outfits.

It doesn’t replicate, it accelerates.

Business leaders and investors who are troubled by the climate crisis can no longer just sit in the boardroom, thinking the market will solve the problem. We must get political and change the rules of the game.

History stands at a unique moment, when the profit-seeking motives of green-focussed businesses increasingly match the goals of civil society. The Transition Accelerator works to ensure that the promise of this moment becomes practical reality.

Alan Schwartz
Transition Accelerator